30+ Years of Manufacturing Experience


At Ridh our team of professional designers work closely with you for design specifications and after appropriate research & development let's you know what type of product will be best suited for you. Once everything is finalized we take the design to the manufacturing team where our experienced staff understands the requirements completely and then give life to your design in terms of physical product.


The quality department plays a critical role in an injection moulding plant, ensuring that the products produced meet or exceed customer specifications and requirements.

In-process parts and finished products to ensure we meet the company's quality standards. we use various inspection techniques, such as visual inspection, dimensional measurement, and material testing.

Quality Assurance: Our quality department establishes and maintains the plant's quality management system, ensuring that all processes and procedures are designed to meet or exceed customer requirements. We also develop and implement quality plans and procedures, including inspection checklists, process controls, and corrective action procedures.

Continuous Improvement: Our quality department is responsible for identifying and addressing quality issues and implementing corrective actions to prevent the recurrence of problems. we use statistical process control and other quality improvement tools to monitor and improve the production process.

Training and Education: Our quality department provides training and education to employees on quality concepts and practices, including statistical process control, problem-solving techniques, and quality management principles.

Customer Relations: Our quality department is often the primary point of contact for customers regarding quality issues. we work with customers to develop quality specifications, address quality concerns, and provide quality performance data.

Regulatory Compliance: We ensures that the plant is in compliance with all applicable quality and regulatory standards, such as ISO 9001-2015,14001-2015,45001-2018 and BIS regulations, and customer-specific requirements.